Help with Fat Feminism Research?

So, if you have read my “About Me”, you know that this blog is a part of my Independent Study undergraduate thesis project on fat positive feminism.  Most recently I have been focusing on putting together a comprehensive history of fat positive feminism/fat women’s liberation/fat acceptance.  I’m really excited about what I have so far.  I have a lot on the early years of the movement (1969-1990), information about organizations like NAAfA (of course), The Fat Underground, The Fat Liberation Front, and fat activists like Aldebaran, Karen Scott-Jones, etc.

In my research, I’ve seen a really interesting push and pull relationship between early fat acceptance and feminism, where each movement was hesitant to officially align with the other.  This, to me, is a tremendously significant part of the fat woman’s historical narrative, putting many women in positions where they feel excluded even within movements that are meant to supposedly help them.  (Although I am not a fan of comparing oppressions…I find this a bit reminiscent of black women’s experiences regarding feminism and male-dominated civil rights movements- though possibly not to the same extent).  I’ve also found that, from what I have read, the early fat liberation movement found a great friend in lesbian feminism (which makes sense to me, when we consider how both seem to be able to thrive with the absence of the male gaze).

Most of my findings, however, have been concentrated on the early years of the movement.  I’ve been having a bit of trouble digging up good sources on fat feminist efforts from 1990 to today.  I’ve read that there was a lot of activism through zines and other such alternative media, but I am having trouble locating these to use as primary sources.  I’m wondering if anyone out there in the blog-o-sphere has any suggestions for my research?  Does anyone know of any great sources on the history of fat acceptance (specifically fat feminism)? Any idea of where I can find old issues of relevant publications (like zines from the ’90s)? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated….especially any insight into the movement after 1990.


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  1. Are you a member of the Fat Studies group on Yahoo Groups? If you aren’t, I would recommend joining as there are a lot of people on there who might be able to help you.


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