I am Mikey Blumberg

So a recent trend on Facebook has been to temporarily change your profile picture to a picture of a celebrity that you have  been told you look like.  It seemed like a fun little game and I wanted to participate except for the fact that I could not for the life of me think of a celebrity I resembled.

Then I remembered a friend from high school telling me that I reminded him of that kid, Mikey, from Recess (a delightful and smart Saturday morning cartoon of my generation which depicts the recess playground as a microcosm of the adult world).

In case you are not familiar with the reference, Mikey is the fat one.  He is twice the size as all of his friends whether in in height, girth, or both.  First of all,we look nothing alike other than being big.  When my old friend compared us way back in the day, no doubt I was severely offended.  (Especially since I had just told him that he reminded me of the hot Latino man from CSI Miami…something wasn’t fair about this conversation).

Anyway, that was all I could think about when I tried to think of who to change my Facebook picture to.  And you know what?  I’m not so offended anymore.  Granted, he is a boy and I should find it insulting and desexualizing as a woman to be compared to a little fat boy…but after recalling the cartoon and rewatching some clips on youtube, I’ve decided to embrace it.  I mean, yes we’re both fat and tall.  But Mikey is also adorable, sweet, sensitive, usually a voice of reason with his friends, a graceful ballet dancer and sang with the voice of Robert Goulet (literally…Goulet provided his singing voice in an episode).  What a great character!  While he is not necessarily a fat positive character…(He is often shown in stereotypical positions such as eating and burping and he is portrayed as effeminate…a stereotype of fat men)…If he were a real kid I would think he was awesome!  So in the spirit of not taking life too seriously… this is my current facebook profile picture…

You go, Mikey!

One response to this post.

  1. You know what other character (who sounds similar to Mikey) I absolutely adore? Bobby from King of the Hill. That kid is my freaking hero.

    I wish I looked more like him so I could put his picture up on my Facebook.


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