I’m still alive, I swear

I have been absent from the blogosphere for a bit now.  I turned in my senior independent study thesis a little less than a month ago!!!  WOOOOO!  Although I will say that right after I turned it in I found 4 typos that I proceeded to obsess over for the next couple of weeks.  But I’m over it now.  Anyway, I ended up titling it Re-Heading the Headless Fatty: A Look at Fat Positive Feminism in Blogs and it turned out to be 129 pages!  yikes.  Although, when I went to have it officially printed and bound, I forgot to ask the nice lady at the printing office to print it double sided.  And I printed 5 copies!  I’m such a tree-murderer.

Anyway…to commemorate this milestone of turning in my thesis, I decided to post a picture promoting me from faceless fatty blogger to proud undergraduate scholar blogger (face and all).  Here you go…

There I am in my dorm room holding my thesis.  And Rosie in the background, who cheered me on during the whole process.  haha.

So since I’ve turned it in life has been pretty great!! Our school had a big celebration for the seniors the Monday after spring break, to celebrate everyone turning in their projects.  Tradition:  Everyone in the senior class gets completely drunk throughout the day and then participates in a drunken parade led by bagpipes.  The drunken part was not the most appealing part of the day for me (and not really how I spent my day).  I really like the part where lots of students get together with their friends and get custom t-shirts made.  Usually they are something like “We did it!” or something witty using the letters I and S.  My dear friend and I decided to go in a different direction.  We had taken to watching old episodes of The Vicar of Dibley as study breaks when we were working on our theses and so we decided to just get Dibley-themed shirts that were completely random and most people did not understand.  The fronts say “Save Dibley” and here are the backs.

Aren’t we just a delightful pair?  That was a fun day.  And I’ve worn the shirt since then and had the opportunity to bond with a complete stranger on 2 separate occasions because they asked if my shirt was a Vicar of Dibley reference.  So that’s fun.

So just because my paper is turned in does not mean I am done with it.  I still have to complete the oral defense part of the process.  Whenever I ask professors in my department what to expect for this they just ambiguously reply “Oh it’s just a delightful conversation where you get to be the expert on your study” which I don’t find to be very helpful.  I’m also presenting my project at our campus-wide senior IS research symposium on the 23rd.  I’m giving a 15 minute long oral presentation on my study.  I was kind of excited to do it and not nervous at all until I went to a public speaking workshop for symposium presenters that freaked me out and made me realize how little public speaking experience I really have.  And to be honest, I’m also nervous because I know fat acceptance is a controversial topic.  But I’m sure I can rock it.  Or at least that is what I’m telling myself.

I know that some of you were interested in reading my study when it was all said and done.  I know that if I were a really good researcher, I would have offered this before I turned it in so I could tweek things if there were anything my participants (bloggers) wanted to tweek.  But I think time constraints would have made this difficult.  And also I think the fact that this is just and undergrad thesis that won’t really be published makes that part of the research process a little less consequential.  So I apologize for not doing that.  But if you would like for me to send you a copy, leave me your email address or some internet way to get in touch with you and I will make it happen.

I’m pretty nervous to have anyone in the Fat-O-Sphere read it because I worry that I may have mistakenly misrepresented someone.  I also offered some critiques that might not be very well received.  For example, I argue for a stronger relationship between fat acceptance and feminism (and I think this is happening), especially as fat studies works its way into academia.  I also call for critical discussions of fat and race, class, and sexuality, pointing out that the narratives portrayed in my blogging sample were those of white heterosexual (and presumably middle class) women (and some men).  I have come across some great blogs in the fatosphere that do not fit this mold, but I found it interesting that the evidence in my sample (posts from the fat-o-sphere every 3 days for 2 months) fit pretty neatly in this this mold.  Also, the history of fat acceptance as I tell it in my study is a history of US fat acceptance (even though there is great representations from bloggers and activists outside the US).  So anyway, I didn’t mean to get into all that here.  I just wanted to show some points where my study might be critiqued or argued against, and why I am apprehensive about you all reading it.  But such apprehensions are just things I need to get over if I ever decide to become a real academic who actually has things published.  So like I said let me know in the comments if you want to read it.

and that’s all for now!  Although I am still planning on keeping this blog up now that I’ve turned in my thesis, even though I created it for the thesis.  I’m just starting to get into blogging.

And on a completely unrelated note.  Here is a picture of me as a turkey just because I like it and it makes me laugh.  (The Greek groups at my school put together a greek calendar and my sorority was November. as you can see, I got to be the star character).


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by piowapuff on April 10, 2010 at 11:53 pm

    Congrats!! Love the shirts, love the adorable turkey moment! Keep writing, if you have time 🙂


  2. Posted by Jackie on April 11, 2010 at 11:51 am

    Way to go!! Love the t-shirts and a RENT poster too!! ooh, glad to see that is still alive among undergrads. As a professor who sits on a lot of senior comp committees it really is about you showing off all your knowledge. They’ll ask you questions to push you a little bit, but when we do this we are testing your analytic skills much more than your data. Good luck!


  3. Posted by Amanda on April 11, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    Congratulations, and good luck with the defense, I bet you’ll do a great job!


  4. I would totally love to read your paper! Please, please…

    fatosphere at gmail dot com


  5. So glad I found you!! And hope to be able to read your paper. It’s been MANY years since I was a graduate student, but I still remember the fears that come with the lowly position. :>) Your attitude about size really helped me get through a serious evening of self-doubt. As someone breaking into public speaking I was getting way too obsessed with my weight. Guess it’s a good reason to go clothes SHOPPING!! Again, best wishes on your presentation. Hope I am not too late…


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