Fat=Dumb? Disproving via counterexample…

This is for those researchers who have linked fat with stupidity/lower IQs (i.e. the homer simpson effect)…

Graduated from a very respected college summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, departmental honors, Turner Prize recipient, and Phi Alpha Theta.

…I like to think that makes me one counterexample that thereby disproves the fat=dumb hypothesis.

Yes graduation was Monday.  I am finished with college.  It’s a bit surreal.  It was a great commencement (gorgeous weather) and it all went by in a blur.  And now I am back home with a slight case of the post-grad blues.  I miss school, my friends, my dorm room, my campus, and everything else that makes college great.  I’m in this weird in-between place right now.  I’m home for a month until I go back to my regular summer job on a lake in NY state.  After that I’m hoping to move to Philadelphia since I spent a semester of off-campus study there and loved it.  I need to find a job, though.  And it’s hard to go looking for one when I’m not sure exactly what I want to do and whatever it is I wouldn’t be able to start until late August.  So that all is a bit frustrating.

And I’m a bit terrified to be going out into the real world.  I know most college graduates feel the same way right away (especially those with liberal arts degrees like mine).  The thing is, though, that I’m going to miss the gratification and pats on the back that I’ve received my whole life in school.  That might sound a bit privileged, and I recognize that, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a valid feeling.  I’ve excelled in school my whole life.  That has been my element.  I was never “pretty”, or good at sports, or super creative.  I got A’s.  Sometimes I was even unhealthily obsessed with school.  I think part of that comes from feeling a lack of self-worth as a fat girl which caused me to immerse myself in schoolwork to show that I actually did have value and I actually wasn’t a failure.

Anyway, I’ve spent my whole life getting praised by teachers and professors for my work in school and I’m worried that without that, I won’t be able to find that same sense of self-worth that I was able to find in school.  I’ve used academics to boost myself up so many times.  What’s going to happen now that that’s been taken away?  That’s one of the main reasons I’m terrified.


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  1. Posted by AcceptanceWoman on May 13, 2010 at 5:47 am

    My biased opinion? You’ll do great in the “real world.”
    There are plenty of jerks out there but I think there are many non-jerks doing hiring these days.
    Your accomplishments demonstrate a great deal about what you could accomplish in the future.
    It might feel right now that something is being “taken away,” but another way to look at it would be that something is being added — “real world experience” on top of academic success.
    Way. To. Go. Get ’em, Tiger!


  2. Posted by Elaine on May 13, 2010 at 11:43 am

    Congratulations! I felt the same way when I graduated (physics, but not with all the honors you have!). My advice? Don’t place all of your self-worth in one basket, whether it’s body image, grades, etc. You are a wonderful, multi-facted human being with a lot to be proud of. And always remember–“What’s right is not always popular, and what’s popular is not always right.”


  3. 1. Congratulations!
    2. You will be wonderful in the real world! Work the world to suit you rather than working yourself to suit the world.
    3. I WILL get to read your thesis at some point
    4. You are stunningly gorgeous


  4. Thanks for the well-wishes and advice everyone! it means a lot!


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